Managing users

If you would like other users to work with your projects and resources, you must add them to your account.

On the Users tab, open the Users page. Press the Invite user button.

In the window that opens, fill in the required information and click Invite.

The user you invited will receive an email, and he or she will appear in the list of your corporate users with an Invitation sent status.

After the user clicks the link in your email, the status will change to Active, and the user will be able to work in your corporate account.

If the user has not signed up for the system yet, after clicking the link in your invitation, he or she will receive a password enabling access to the system.

To edit user information in the table, hover over the line containing the user's name and click the pencil icon.

In the window that opens, make the required changes and press Save.

To block a user's access to your corporate account, hover the pointer over the line containing his or her name and click the trash bin icon.

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