Creating cross-authorization links via API

A cross-authorization link allows your users to open documents in the Smartcat Editor without entering their login credentials. This is how it works.

To create a cross-authorization link, you should assign a user from your team to the document first. Unassigned users are not able to open the Editor via this link. To assign a user to the dedicated document, use POST document/assign method (use documentId (int1_int2 format), stageNumber (=1 for translation), and the id for the Smartcat user id, and disregard other optional parameters).

Important: the user should already have a Smartcat account and be a member of your team. You can add a member to your team via API.

Once the user is successfully assigned to the document, you can create a cross-authorization link. To do that, use the GET document/getAuthUrl method (use id for the Smartcat user id and the documentId (int1_int2 format)). Smartcat returns a string value which contains a cross-auth URL to the document.

Important: the cross-auth link is valid within 30 seconds.