Creating a glossary

Glossaries include sets of terms, their translations into one or several languages, definitions, comments and additional information.

By adding terms to a glossary, you save yourself the trouble of searching for them or retranslating them over and over again and you also ensure uniformity of terminology in projects using your glossary, even if several translators are working on it.

A glossary may contain terms in several languages in which all the languages are equal in status. What this means is, if a glossary includes English and Russian terms, it can be used in projects translated both from English into Russian and from Russian into English. It is handier to create separate glossaries for different clients and topics.

Glossaries can be managed via the Glossaries tab.


Creating a Glossary

To create a glossary, click the Create Glossary button.

In the window that opens, specify the glossary name and select the languages. To add a language, click the plus icon.

Click Save.


Adding Terms

You can add terms to a glossary that you've enabled on the project as you work with text.

You can also do this on the glossary page. Simply click the New Entry button.

In the form that opens, fill in the required fields and press .


Importing a Glossary

If you already have a glossary in the form of a table of terms and their translations, you can import it into the system instead of entering the terms one by one.

To do this, create a glossary in the system and add at least one term to it, then export this glossary. Copy the terms from the existing glossary to this file and import it back. On the glossary page, click the Upload button.

In the window that opens, click Add and select the XLSX file on your computer.

Click Import.


Exporting a Glossary

You can also export the glossary to an XLSX file, for example, for review by colleagues or clients who do not have access to the system. To do this, on the glossary page, click the Download button and choose a location to save the file.

If necessary, the exported file may be edited and imported back to the system.