Assigning tasks

To enable translators and editors to start working on a document, assign them to the project. You can assign a user to an entire text, or divide a document among several users. You can also specify an individual deadline for each task.

Please note that this feature is only available for users of corporate accounts.

After you assign a task, the translator or editor you've selected will receive an email notification, and he or she can then start working on the document. No need to send files by email.

To assign tasks to translators and editors, select a project or specific documents on the project page or in the list of projects and press the Assign Tasks button.


Assigning one user to an entire document

Select a user and click Assign.

Select the stage of the workflow and click Add assignee.

The window for users selecting will open.

You can select a user from your team, invite a new user to your account, or find freelancers.

The selected user appears in the window. When you click the Save without splitting the document button, user will be assigned to the entire document.

The user will receive a letter with an offer to participate in the project.

If you change your mind,  to cancel the assignment.




Assigning several users

You can assign more than one user to each stage.

If you want users to select a piece of text for their work, click Save without splitting the document after users selecting.

You can select a piece of text for each users. To do this, click Split document.

On the page that opens, select a user and click Select Segments & Assign.

A page will open allowing you to distribute the segments.

Place the cursor into the first segment of the range that you would like to assign to a user, then press Select the end of the range and select the last segment of the range. Press Assign.

If you prefer to select a range by word count, select the first segment of the range, then click Calculate by word count. Enter the number of words and click Continue.

The system will select an appropriate range. Press Assign.

Use the same sequence of steps to assign multiple ranges to the same user.

You can remove or change the selected segment ranges. After assigning the ranges to the user, press the Save Assigments button. Repeat the procedure for each user.

If you change your mind, press Change the range to select different segments or x icon to cancel the assignment. Press the Back button and assign users to all tasks.


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