User Groups and Access Rights

To give rights to a user, you must add the user to a group.

You can create groups, give them access rights and add users who require such rights.

A group can have any rights. A user can belong to any group.

By default, each corporate account includes a group of administrators possessing all the rights, including the user management right.


Creating a User Group

On the Users and Rights tab, open the Groups and Access Rights page. Press the Create Group button.

In the window that opens, enter the group name and click Create Group.


Editing a User Group

To add users to a group and define their access rights, select a group in the list, then click Edit Group.

Click in the Group members field and select users from the list.

Then click Add Access Right to define which rights this user group will have. Select a right from the list and click Next.

In the next window, define the scope of this right. For example, if you want to allow this user group to manage glossary content, you can define specific glossaries, glossaries of a particular client or choose certain languages in glossaries.

When done, press Add.

The access rights you added will appear in the list.


To remove a user or a right from the group, click the cross next to the name of a user or right in the list.

To confirm the changes, click Save.


Deleting a User Group

To delete a user group, select it in the list. Press the Delete Group button and confirm.


The users who belonged to the group will retain access to your corporate account, but they will no longer have the rights pertaining to the group you deleted.

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