Viewing project statistics

For each project, you can display total symbols or word count and obtain an estimate of the volume of work, including matches from translation memories and machine translation, as well as repetitions in the text. Also, you can download statistics for each person you have assigned to the project.

To build and view statistics, click on the project name and then hit the Statistics button.

Click the Generate statistics button. The calculation process might take awhile. This depends on the word count and the size of the documents in the project and also the size of the enabled TMs. 



Once the calculation is completed, the total statistics for the project and individual statistics for each document will be displayed. If you have a multilingual project, you can view statistics for each of the target languages. 


The statistics allow you to see data such as the total number of pages, segments, symbols and the word count; the amount of new segments and TM matches, number of repetitions in each file, and cross-file repetitions. Cross-file repetitions are identical segments which are found in more then one file in the project (when translating into the same language).

You can change the set of documents or TMs, or refresh data at any time. For that, simply uncheck the documents and resources you want to remove from the project.

Please note that when you start the rebuilding process, the current TM will be used to calculate the statistics. This means that if you have translated a document and then selected Rebuild statistics, the results will change, because the number of TM matches for other project documents was changed.

Statistics for assignees

You can build and download statistics for each person you assign to any task in project by clicking the Per assignee button.

The statistics are generated in the XLSX format. An individual file is generated for each assignee. Each file contains data in one language pair per task. If there is more than one task or language pair, an individual report is generated for each task and target language combination.

Statistics for assignees are calculated at the moment you assign the task. They are recalculated only if you add or delete assignments for the current assignee. Information on the work already performed is not changed.