Placeholders in the editor

Placeholders are special elements used to localize applications, games and websites. They help automatically insert names, numbers, the time and other values that can change. You can use placeholders to import variables from localization files, such as PO, JSON, PHP, or XML. See the What are placeholders used for? article for information on creating placeholders.

Since placeholders replace text, numerals, and other items, in most cases they must be copied to the translation. If placeholders in the Source and Target do not match, the system will warn of an error.

Inserting placeholders using hotkeys

To insert a placeholder, click on the target text where the placeholder should be, and press Ctrl+Alt and the placeholder number: Ctrl+Alt+1, Ctrl+Alt+2, etc.

You can also press the  button that will appear in your toolbar if the segment contains a placeholder, or Ctrl+Q. If a segment contains multiple placeholders, they will be inserted in the same order as they appear in the Source.

Inserting placeholders using the mouse

To insert a placeholder, place your cursor in the target text where the placeholder should be, and then click on the placeholder icon in the Source: