Translating segments

To translate a document once it is uploaded, go to the Editor. Click the line containing the project name, then click the name of the document. 


The left column in the Editor contains the source text split into segments. Next to them are fields for translation, which can be entered manually or inserted from the CAT pane on the right.


Each translated segment must be confirmed. Once confirmed, the segment is considered completed, and its translation is saved to the TM. If later you come across a similar segment, the translation will appear in theCAT pane.

To confirm a segment, press Screenshot_23.png or Ctrl+Enter. A green check mark appears next to that segment. All unconfirmed segments are marked by a gray check mark.


Do not confirm a segment if you plan to go back to it later.

To find unconfirmed segments in the text, press Screenshot_25.png or F9.

To navigate between the segments, just press Enter, or, alternatively, use the Up and Down keys.

Documents are saved automatically as you work with them. You can close a document at any time and resume your work later. The confirmed segments, as well as any unconfirmed segments, will be saved.

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