Quality assurance

The system allows you to check translation quality and easily spot and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, terminology, consistency and formatting.

If an error is detected in a segment, a yellow icon appears next to it. To see the list of errors, hover the cursor over this icon, or click on it to open the QA Check tab.


Correct the errors and confirm the segment again.


The system immediately underlines any spelling errors in the translation. Right-click the underlined word to select a replacement, or add an exception to the spellcheck dictionary.

You can add and remove exceptions using the  button.

The system uses automated checks, so some of the errors may actually be false positives. In such cases, you can check the Ignore box next to the error to hide the yellow warning icon, or simply pay no attention to it.

However, some errors are critical, and they won't allow you to confirm a segment unless you correct them.

If you attempt to confirm a segment that has a critical error, an error message will appear.

By default, critical errors involve tags. Depending on the specific project requirements you can also designate other errors as critical, for example, inconsistencies in terminology.

For more details on setting up quality assurance and using QA reports, see Quality Assurance.