Importing a glossary

If you already have a glossary created outside Smartcat, for example, an XLSX spreadsheet, you can import all the terms in a single stroke. There is no need to enter each term manually.

Before the import, make sure the structure of your import file matches that of the glossary that you created in the system. And the easiest way to do this is to add at least one term to the glossary created in the system, and then export this glossary.

You will have an XLSX file with the specific set of required fields. Copy the terms, their translations and other information from the existing glossary to this file and import it back.

To import the glossary file, on the glossary page click the Upload button. In the window that opens, press Add.

Select the XLSX file and choose the import option: Add terms or Replace all terms.

If you select Add terms, all the terms will be added to the glossary, regardless of if they already existed in this glossary. If you select Replace all terms, all existing terms will be deleted from the glossary, and only after that will the new terms be added. Click the Import button.

Please note that if there are custom fields marked as mandatory in the glossary, they must be entered into the import file ahead of time.

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