Creating a translation memory

To create a translation memory, click the Create TM button.

If you have a relevant TMX file, you can immediately import it into the new translation memory. To do this, in the window that opens, click Add and select the file on your computer.

Specify the name of the new translation memory, select the original and one or several target languages.

You can select a client, project group and topic.

Select a Context type. Because one segment can have several translation options, you should use an automatic context check.

If you select the option Previous/Next Segment (used by default), the system will check not only the text of each segment, but also its context, in other words, the previous and next segments. If one of the adjacent segments of the match and the current segment coincide, the match will be marked as 101%, and if both adjacent segments coincide, it is 102%. This helps you achieve greater translation accuracy.

If you do not want to use the context check, select None. You can add a comment if necessary.

After configuring the new translation memory, click Save.

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