Creating a TMX File from Old Translations

If you do not yet have a translation memory, but you keep original files with their translations, you can use them to create a bilingual TMX file and then import it into a translation memory for use in projects. To add function to your account, please contact us via


On the Translation Memories tab, open the Alignment of Existing Translations menu and press the Create Aligned TM button.


In the window that opens, upload the original files and the corresponding translation files using the buttons with a plus sign.


Select the original and target languages and specify the name of the new TMX file. If you'd like, you can also add a comment. Click Save.


Downloading a TMX File

To download a TMX file, select it in the list, press the Export button, and specify the location on your computer where the TMX file will be saved.


Changing a TMX File

To change the properties of a TMX file, select it in the list and press the Edit button.

You can change the name of the TMX file or any comments to it. The languages of a TMX file cannot be changed.


Deleting a TMX File

If a TMX file is no longer needed, select it in the list and press the Delete button.

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