Overwriting a translation memory

If you realize that your translation memory contains erroneous information, then you might need to overwrite the content with updated data. There are 2 options there - if you already have another approved version of the TM in an existing file, you can use that file. You can also download the TM in a TMX format and use a text editor to make corrections as needed.  When you overwrite a translation memory, the system removes all the existing translation units from the TM and only after that imports the correct or updated TMX, SDLTM or XLSX file.

To overwrite a translation memory, select it in the list and press the Overwrite TM button.


In the window that opens, click Add and select the TMX, SDLTM or XLSX file on your computer.


Click Import. Smartcat will process the file and display messages to inform you along the process.

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