Installing and launching Smartcat HotFolder

Installing and launching Smartcat HotFolder.

  1. Install Smartcat HotFolder on your local PC.
  2. Create a folder named Smartcat in the %PROGRAMDATA% folder, and then a HotFolder folder inside it.

Note. %PROGRAMDATA% is a hidden folder. To see it, go to Control Panel → Folder Options, then View → Advanced Settings and check Show hidden files, folders, and drivers (on Windows 7).

  1. Create a configuration file with all the HotFolder settings.
  2. Move the configuration file to %PROGRAMDATA%\Smartcat\HotFolder.
  3. Create an arbitrary local folder for storing the translation files.
  4. Place the files to be translated in the local folder created above (manually or by syncing with your version control system).
  5. In the command prompt:
    1. Go to the local folder;
    2. Run "SCHotFolder <HotFolder's main command>".

Note. HotFolder's main commands are push, pull and sync. See details in Smartcat HotFolder — Basic operations.

  1. Smartcat HotFolder is now up and running.

Installing Smartcat HotFolder application

  1. Run the Smartcat HotFolder installation wizard and
  2. follow its instructions.

            Note. The following additional settings are enabled by default:

  • Add the installation path to PATH. Enables running HotFolder from any folder using the SCHotFolder
  • Install the Smartcat HotFolder service (to be launched manually). Allows the application to run in the background.

Launching the Smartcat HotFolder service.

You can only launch the service after creating the configuration file and moving it to %PROGRAMDATA%\SmartCAT\HotFolder\HotFolder.config.

To start the service, go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → SmartCAT HotFolder service and launch the service.

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