Ordering your Smartcat Prepaid Mastercard

Smartcat Mastercard is a debit card you can use for making online and offline purchases or withdrawing cash from any ATM worldwide where the “MasterCard”, “Maestro” or “Cirrus” marks are displayed.

How to order your Smartcat Mastercard

  1. Create a personal account on the ePayments website.
  2. Verify your account.

    To confirm your identity, upload a photo or scan of any of the following documents:
    1. Internal passport (main page with photo)
    2. Foreign passport (main page with photo)
    3. ID card or proof of identity (both sides)
    4. Driver’s license (both sides)

To confirm your address, upload a photo or scan of any of the following documents:

    1. A utility bill
    2. A bank statement or credit card statement (with transactions)
    3. A certified tenancy agreement (all pages)

Learn how to verify your account

Once your account has been verified, you will receive an email notification.

  1. Order your Smartcat Mastercard by taking the following steps:
    1. Under “Cards and Accounts” click on the “+” button. Specify your delivery address by selecting the address you entered during registration.
    2. Select your preferred delivery method.
    3. Enter your 3D Secure password. You can use it to confirm transactions should you not be able to receive confirmation codes on your phone. Make sure to keep your 3D Secure password safe.
    4. If you have selected express delivery, you will need to pay it at the following step using your ePayments wallet, PayPal or any available credit or debit card.
    5. Congratulations, you have just ordered your Smartcat Mastercard! It will be issued and mailed to the address you provided in the next 3 business days.

Find answers to your questions regarding the account verification process, the ordering process and the terms of delivery in ePayments Help Center.

Can I get a Smartcat Mastercard for free?

If your monthly earnings in Smartcat are above 300 USD, please get in touch and we’d be happy to cover your delivery fee. However, you will still need to pay the issuance fee.

How do I use my Smartcat Mastercard?

You can use Smartcat Mastercard to do the same things you would using any other debit card including:

  • Pay offline and online in USD without any service fees. Keep in mind that a 2.6% ePayments transaction fee + a foreign currency conversion fee will apply if you pay in any other currency.
  • Withdraw cash in any ATM in USD wherever Mastercard is accepted. ePayments service fee will apply; additional fees imposed by the bank operating the ATM may be charged. A foreign currency conversion fee will be charged if you withdraw cash in any other currency.
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