Inviting freelancers

To start working with a translator (or multiple translators), invite them to your project.

  1. Press “Assign tasks” on the project page.
  2. Check the assignment settings, such as the number of documents that need to be translated and their word count.
  3. Set the deadline.
  4. Select linguists from your team, invite someone who isn’t registered in Smartcat yet to your account or hire freelancers from the Marketplace.
  5. Save the assignments you made.You can either assign the whole document or only its selected parts. The candidates you selected will receive invitations to your project and will be able to preview the documents you assigned to them. Keep in mind that the assignees may want to check with you regarding the details of the project.
  6. Confirm assignments for those who accept your invitation.

After that, the assignees will be able to start work. You will be able to follow their progress on the project page under the Team tab.

Hint: Invite more than one translator to ensure successful and timely project completion.

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