How to ensure quality when hiring a translator

You’re more likely to receive professional-level translation services in Smartcat than anywhere else. Translators who work in Smartcat take their clients’ assignments very seriously as they expect to earn not only money but also good reviews.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best candidate for your project:

  • Good reviews from other customers, education and experience matter equally. Add extra points to the translators who have passed tests.
  • If there is enough time, you may test your candidate’s skills yourself before hiring them (see Testing Translators).
  • Add an experienced editor to your project who will ensure the translation is consistent and error-free. This is especially relevant when multiple translators are involved in a project.
  • Make use of a glossary. A terminology database, or glossary, contains a list of terms, specific to a particular field, and their translations. Glossaries are widely used by companies, especially in large-scale translation projects, as this is a proven way to increase the quality of translations (see Glossaries).
  • Brief the translator you’re hiring. If creating a glossary is too much of an effort for you, simply give the translator some details about your text, including the correct translations of personal names, company names or any specific terms contained in it if you know them.

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