Completing your profile

Before you can start receiving invitations to projects, you need to complete your profile. Once you do that, we recommend you subscribe to receive an email when new jobs relevant to your profile are posted in Smartcat.

To edit your profile, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of your account page and select My Profile. Add new services by selecting the language pairs you work with and the types of services you offer, such as translation, editing, proofreading, project management, desktop publishing, etc.


Here are a few tips to help make your profile look good to your potential customers:

  • Outline the subjects you specialize in.
  • Set your per-word rates. If unsure, browse the profiles of other freelancers with the same language pair, specialization and experience as yours to determine your rates.
  • Upload a photo that shows your face. According to our research, adding a good profile photo makes you twice as likely to be hired.
  • Describe your relevant working experience under About Me. Make your message clear and concise but don’t hesitate to add some personal details about yourself.
  • Your portfolio offers you an opportunity to impress potential customers. Consider including real-life examples of your previous work, résumés, training certificates, diplomas and degrees.
  • Be sure to describe your education in detail in your profile.
  • Add your phone number under Contacts to receive text messages whenever new jobs relevant to you are posted in Smartcat. This can also help your customers contact you in case of emergency, for example if the deadlines change or if payment issues occur.

The following aspects are crucial to your search ranking:

  • The number of words you have translated in Smartcat.
  • The number of tests you have completed in Smartcat.
  • The number of ratings given to you by your Smartcat customers.

If you haven’t received any invitations to projects and don’t have any experience working in Smartcat yet, we suggest you take time to explore the CAT editor’s features, so you can be prepared for when an exciting opportunity comes along. Once you are invited to a project, you will receive an email notification and a text message on your phone, so make sure you check your inbox regularly.

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