[Webinar] Computer-aided translation in Smartcat

In this webinar, we discuss the basics of computer-aided translation in Smartcat. 

You will learn how Smartcat’s CAT editor helps you:

  • Focus on your work and track its progress,
  • Avoid translating repeated and similar phrases
  • Maintain and reuse client-specific terminology,
  • Use machine translation for simple sentences, and
  • Troubleshoot errors and typos in your translation.

Even if you have no experience with computer-aided translation at all, you will learn enough to use Smartcat as well as CAT tools in general.

The recording takes around an hour and include a live demonstration of the CAT editor and answers to your questions.

You can find more webinars in our Crowdcast and YouTube channels.


Vova Zakharov

Head of Community, Smartcat