Advanced quality assurance settings

Smartcat provides automated quality assurance. Translations are checked for various errors involving spelling, punctuation, terminology and consistency with the translation memory.

Automatic quality assurance setup

By default, the system checks translation for all types of errors, and, if an error is detected, a warning is displayed. In some cases, if an error involves tags, the system will not allow you to confirm that the translation has been completed until the error is corrected.

Manual quality assurance setup

You can change quality assurance settings on the Quality Assurance tab in the Advanced Settings.


If the system detects an error in the translation, by default it displays a warning. The option Warn of errors is selected for most of the error types in the quality assurance settings.

If certain kinds of error warnings distract you, you can disable them by selecting the Ignore errors option.

And if you want to specify that a certain kind of error is critical, opt for Require error correction. When the kind of error specified is detected in the translation, the system will not allow the segment to be confirmed until it is corrected.


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