Export XLIFF from Smartcat

You can export any Smartcat document as an XLIFF file and work with it externally.

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Export XLIFF

On the project page, select the documents you want to export as XLIFF files and choose XLIFF in the Export menu.


Now you can work with the exported files using any external tool that supports the XLIFF format.

Import XLIFF Back

When you are ready to upload your edited XLIFF file back to Smartcat, go to the project page, hit the Upload button and choose Upload translation.


In the wizard, choose your desired import settings. You can either confirm all updated segments and save them to the translation memory or keep them unconfirmed to be able to check them in the Smartcat editor later.

If any segments have been changed in Smartcat while you were editing the XLIFF file in an external tool (that often happens in collaborative scenarios), you can decide whether you want to overwrite the changes or not.


After the import is complete, the updated segments will be marked as Updated in Smartcat’s editor.