Assigning your team to a document via API

To get an urgent job started in less time, try the POST document/assignFromMyTeam method.

Say, you need to translate a travel guide written in English into French ASAP. Call the method specifying the document ID, which contains information about the project and its language pair, the stage number and, if needed, one or multiple subjects.

See our document/assignFromMyTeam example

Request URL:

Authorization: Basic ZG0wMTpRd2VydHkxMjM=
Content-Type: application/json

  "documentIds": [
  "stageNumber": 1,
  "specializations": [

This will send invitations specifically to the team members who provide English-to-French translation services and specialize in Tourism and travel OR Recreation. The first linguist who accepts the invitation will be automatically assigned to the job.