Adding a new team member via API

You can add a new member to your Smartcat team via API using the POST account/myteam method.

See our account/myteam example

Request URL:

Content-Type: application/json

"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Doe",
"externalID": "1150",
"email": "",
"services": [{
     "serviceType": "translation",
     "specializations": ["education", "marketing"],
     "sourceLanguage": "ru",
     "targetLanguage": "fr",
     "unitsType": "word",
     "pricePerUnit": "0.07",
     "currency": "USD"

You team member should have an email, first and last names, and at least one service.

The service model should contain a language pair (or just a language depending on the service type), rate and currency. Smartcat will map rate units to the service types automatically.

You can also add a specialization for each service if needed. The list of the currently available specializations can be retrieved with the GET directory method using the specialization parameter.

See our directory example

Request URL:

Authorization: Basic dGVzdGFwaToxMjM0NTY=

There are many possible values for the "type" parameter such as vendor, domain, group, and so on. Check all the options here.

If you want to map the team member with a user in your own system, you can use the externalId parameter, it will be stored in the team member model. Please note, the externalId parameter should be unique in your account.

There are some restrictions:

  • The first and the last name cannot contain more than 99 characters.
  • You cannot add different rates for the different dialects of the same service. For example, $0.06 for English→French (France) translation and $0.08 for English→French (Canada) translation are not possible for the same person.

As for the rest, everything is possible.