Searching your team via API

If you want to get the information about more than one team member, use the POST account/searchmyteam method.

See our account/searchmyteam examples

Request URL:

Authorization: Basic ZG0wMTpRd2VydHkxMjM=
Content-Type: application/json

Body to get the first 500 profiles:
"skip": 0,
"limit": 500

Body to get the profiles in order from 501 to 1000:
"skip": 500,
"limit": 500

Body with all parameters:
"skip": 0,
"limit": 500,
"serviceType": "translation",
"sourceLanguage": "en",
"targetLanguage": "af",
"onlyNativeSpeakers": false,
"allDialects": true,
"minRate": 0,
"maxRate": 7,
"rateRangeCurrency": "USD",
"specializations": [
"specializationKnowledgeLevel": [
"searchString": "batman",
"daytime": false,

You can filter your team by service types, language pairs, rates, specializations, daytime. You can also get team members who are native speakers in target language or those who passed the tests.

If you don’t specify any search filter you will get the whole list of your team members. It might be useful if you want to synchronize your list of the team members with your external system (TMS, ERP, etc.).

The maximum number of the team member models you can get at once is 500. 500 is the maximum value of the limit parameter. If you have a larger team, please use the skip parameter. For example, if your team consists of 600 members you can get the first 500 profiles in the first request and the rest in the second request: for that you need to set the skip parameter to 500, so the first 500 members will be skipped and you get the member profiles from 501 to 600.