You were invited to a Smartcat team: What’s next?

Smartcat makes it easier for customers and translators to connect and collaborate. The former can do all their typical tasks in one system, while the latter can focus on translations and not waste time on non-productive chores.

So, you have received an invitation from a customer to work on and pay via Smartcat. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Step 1. Fill in your profile

Customers like to know more about the translators they are about to hire. So make sure to fill in your profile to receive the most relevant orders.

Step 2. Choose a payout method

The client might opt to pay you via Smartcat, so choose a convenient payment method in the My Payouts section.

Step 3. Translate!

When the customer invites you to a project, you will work on the document in a special online editor.

See how Smartcat has split all the text into sentences and put them in a bilingual grid? This makes work more convenient than using a text editor. In addition, Smartcat will save all your translations to the project’s translation memory, so the customer will be able to reuse them in future projects.

That’s it. Now you don’t need to exchange files and emails with the client — everything is automated in Smartcat. Well, except for translation — that one is up to you ;-)

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