For translation companies

With Smartcat, translation companies get a transparent and convenient workflow, where all roles and functions are combined in one system. Here’s an example project that illustrates the benefits:

Step 1. Create a project

Take any document and create a project based on it.

Power hacks:

  • Pick several target languages
  • Upload your own translation memory
  • Create a project glossary
  • Add several stages, e.g., translation, editing, proofreading
  • Turn on machine translation for translators to use as a rough copy

Open the document in the editor:

See how Smartcat has split all the text into sentences and put them in a bilingual grid? This makes work more convenient for translators. In addition, Smartcat will save all their translations to the project’s translation memory, so you can reuse them in future projects.

Step 2. Add translators and PMs to your team

Now invite translators and your colleagues/project managers to your team. For translators, set the access level to “Linguist”. For managers, choose it according to their roles:

Linguists will only be able to see documents to which you or your PMs have assigned them. Linguists’ profiles will only be visible to you and your PMs and hidden from other companies registered in Smartcat.

Power hacks:

  • Set linguists’ rates for Smartcat to automatically calculate their work price
  • Specify their specializations to easily find them in the future for specialist projects
  • Create custom roles for individual users and user groups

Step 3. Assign linguists to the project

Now you’re ready to start your first team project — just assign it to a linguist from your team.

Step 4. Find new translators in Smartcat

Don’t have enough or matching translators in your team? Find them right in Smartcat:

Power hacks:

  • Find translators by specializations, rates, etc.
  • Test them on your own texts
  • Add the best freelancers to your team

Step 6. Track the progress

You can see the progress of the whole project and each individual linguist in real time:

Power hacks:

  • Install our chatbot to keep track of project progress via a messenger
  • Use our API to get data programmatically
  • Answer linguists’ questions in comments and chat

Step 7. Pay all jobs with one transaction

Smartcat automatically calculates the cost of translators’ work based on their rates and taking into account any repetitions and TM matches. You can pay all jobs with one transaction by a bank card or wire transfer:

In the latter case, you’ll automatically get all the documents required by law.

Power hacks:

  • Add and pay for other translation-related jobs — DTP, interpreting, etc. — even if they were done outside Smartcat


You have completed the entire project — from assignment to payment — on a single platform. You didn’t have to:

  • calculate the word count,
  • send invitations to translators,
  • process their answers,
  • calculate the cost of work,
  • pay for fragments that have already been translated before, or
  • pay each translator individually.

Everything is simple, convenient, and done in one system.

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