How the Smartcat Mastercard works

Smartcat Mastercard is a debit card you can use to:

  • make purchases and pay bills online and offline;
  • withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide;
  • receive your Smartcat earnings without any fees.

The Smartcat Mastercard is issued by ePayments, a reliable international payment provider. The card can be denominated in US dollars or euros.

No fees are applied on the following types of transaction:

  • Transferring money from your Smartcat balance to your ePayments wallet.
  • Transferring money from your ePayments wallet to your Smartcat Mastercard.
  • Using your Smartcat Mastercard for online and offline payments.

How to order a Smartcat Mastercard

To order a Smartcat Mastercard, take the following steps:

  1. Create an account on the ePayments website.
  2. Once logged in, create a wallet.
  3. Enter the number of the wallet in the My Payouts section of your Smartcat account.

Your next payout will be made to your ePayments wallet; after that you will be able to transfer the money you receive from your wallet to your Smartcat Mastercard.

What additional fees can I expect?

A one-time card delivery fee of $5.95 will be charged.

You can pay offline and online in your base currency (USD or EUR) without any service fees. However, if you pay in any other currency, a conversion fee of 2.6% will be applied.

If you withdraw cash in your base currency (USD or EUR) wherever Mastercard is accepted an ePayments service fee of $2.6 will be applied; additional fees may be charged by the bank operating the ATM. A foreign currency conversion fee of 2.6% will be charged if you withdraw cash in a currency other than your base currency.

Learn more about tariffs and fees on the ePayments website