Specialization certification badge for translators

The translation companies, who are our partners, help us constantly improve our translator database to make it easier for customers to find linguists for their projects via Smartcat.

Our new feature allows our partners to award a badge to their best translators. Those who are given this mark of distinction will get a yellow check mark in their profiles, next to the specialization in which they are known to provide excellent quality of translation.

Consequently, customers are now able to search for the translators who have been certified by Smartcat’s partners by applying the new criteria, such as these linguists who were marked as highly professional in their respective specializations by Turkish companies Localex and Saylon.


Learn about the Smartcat partnership requirements and benefits


Freelancers who offer transcription services can now add that service to their profiles. To find a transcription specialist, select “Transcription” in the “Service” field when searching in the Marketplace.

New API method for getting the list of services and prices from the profile

We’ve added a new method to the public Smartcat API: /api/LSP/v1/profile/{accountId:guid} It can be used to obtain information about your own services and prices and use that information on corporate portals, CRMs or any other compatible systems.


Single payout method

Starting recently, freelancers can only opt for a single method of receiving payouts. This change will help us always be sure where to send the money. If you previously had multiple payout options selected, now you have only one priority method left.

Better compatibility with Trados

We’ve divided the Trados export mode into two separate modes, “Trados 2007” and “Trados 2009 or newer”. This update has solved the compatibility issues experienced when uploading TM files that were previously downloaded from Smartcat to various versions of Trados.

Project name in the page title

Jumping to a project page from the address bar in most popular browsers has become easier after we’ve started adding the project name to the page title. Just start typing the project name in the address bar and the browser will show you the URL of the respective page in Smartcat as browsers keep the history of the pages you visit.


Also, navigating dozens of open tabs will be easier after this update.

  • The project search field which would previously send the user to the assignment page if the Enter button was pressed while the cursor was set to it.
  • Dragging files to an existing project.
  • The “Back” button on the assignment page.
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