Why it is required to pay and communicate via Smartcat

Smartcat is more than just a translation tool — its built-in billing and payout features allow customers to pay and get paid in a no-hassle, time-efficient way.

According to our rules, when a customer and a freelancer connect using Smartcat, payment for all work that follows must be made only via Smartcat.

This helps us ensure secure storage of user data, including payment information, and gives both sides a number of advantages:

These benefits are not be available to Smartcat users who place orders and pay outside of Smartcat. Also, note that communicating outside of Smartcat can threaten the confidentiality of transmitted information as it means greater risk of phishing, data theft and other forms of fraud.

As stated in our Terms of Use, users who participate in transactions outside of Smartcat may be denied access to some features; freelancers may no longer be able to get found and get hired while customers may lose access to the platform’s searching and hiring capabilities.

Never share your bank card or e-wallet details in chat conversations or in any similar way! Please report any suspicious messages where you’re asked to pay or get paid outside of Smartcat attaching a screenshot of the message in question at support@smartcat.ai.

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