Accepting payments and using them to pay freelancers

Note: This feature requires an active subscription to Smartcat Payment Automation.

This feature allows you, as an LSP, to accept payments from clients (direct customers or other LSPs) to your Smartcat balance and then enables you to use this money to pay your suppliers. This feature is most useful for LSPs that regularly pay multiple suppliers or use the Smartcat marketplace.

Why receive payments from clients through Smartcat? That’s why:

  • You can save time and money on operations by receiving money and paying your vendors directly via your Smartcat account — it cuts up to 100% of your intermediary payment fees.
  • It’s less expensive and more convenient for your overseas-based clients — no additional paperwork related to foreign currency payments or due to financial legislation.
  • It speeds up payments to suppliers — no additional intermediaries or payment delays when paying your suppliers and receiving payments from your clients.

How does it work?

First, you have to accept a payment from your client.

LSPs can request a payment directly from their Smartcat account. They will receive the money to their Smartcat balance and can later use it to pay their own vendors using Smartcat Payment Automation. Alternatively, you can withdraw the money to your company’s bank account.

Requesting a payment

  1. In the Payments section, go to the Balance tab and click Request Payment.


  2. Fill in the client’s contact and other details, choose the language for the email, and specify the amount to be paid.


  3. Click Send to send out the payment request.


  4. Your customer will receive an email with the invoice attached.


Once we receive the payment from your customer, you will see the money on your Smartcat balance.


Paying your suppliers


After the money has been added to your Smartcat balance, you can reroute it to pay your own suppliers as follows:

  1. Go to the Payments section of your account. Here you can see the tasks completed by freelancers and pending payment.


  2. To pay for the work done by freelancers, first create an invoice. To do this, select all the relevant tasks and click Create an Invoice and Pay.
  3. Ask or your Customer Success Manager to have the invoice paid directly from your Smartcat balance.

Request payments from clients and pay your freelancers with Smartcat.



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