Receiving payments

Smartcat provides many payout options that allow receiving payments easily for your work done in Smartcat or outside the platform.

The payment interaction between you and a customer follows a rather straightforward pattern: a customer accepts your work and pay an invoice in Smartcat, then we process the payment according to a payout method selected on this page  My Payments.

Smartcat balance and Payment status

To check your current balance, go to My Payments. Your account in Smartcat can be used for receiving as many payments from as many customers that you might have. :)

After Smartcat has received a payment from your customer, the balance will be updated immediately. By the way, you can track the status of an expected  payment in Payment statuses. Please note that if you have an account on several servers, the status of a payment received from a customer located on the Asian Smartcat server will be shown only in Payment statuses on the Asian server due to each server has its own payout history. You may switch between servers at the left bottom corner of the interface.


Even if you have accounts on different servers, you don't have to worry about managing payouts on each of them because the balance is shared. 


Available payout options differ depending on the country of residence that you selected on the profile page in Smartcat.  So, for example,  if your current location in China, but you have an active bank account in any American bank, it would be wiser to change the country to the United States to open options that work for you.

To move on with your first payout, select a payout method in My payouts and enter your payment details. Don’t worry, we do our best to keep our users’ payment data safe. Should you need to change your payout method, you can do that at any time.

Your earnings will be automatically processed via your payout method within 5 business days. Once it happens, the status of the payment will be updated, and you will receive an email notification.


Learn more about payment methods for different regions

One last thing to mention, whether a question regarding payouts or payment statuses arises that is not covered in the article, you are always welcome to reach us via The team will gladly help you to figure out a way to resolve any issue. 

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