Receiving payments from LSPs via Smartcat

Do you work for an LSP that uses Smartcat to pay you?

Legally speaking, the interaction between you and your end customer (LSP) goes like this: once the LSP accepts the result of your work, we at Smartcat make the payment to you.

Checking your balance and payment status

To check your current balance, go to My Payments.

After you receive a payment, your balance is updated. You can see the status of any expected and received payments from Payment statuses.

Smartcat offers a single balance, allowing you to receive payments from any number of clients.


You can choose to receive your Smartcat earnings to your bank card, e-wallet or, if you’re self-employed, to your bank account.

In My payouts, select your preferred method of receiving payouts and enter your payment details. Don’t worry, we do our best to keep our users’ payment data safe. Should you need to change your payout method, you can do that at any time.

The money will be automatically transferred via the chosen method within 5 working days. Once that happens, the status of the payment will be updated, and you will receive an email notification.


Learn more about payment methods for different regions

Should you have any questions regarding payouts or payment statuses, we recommend getting in touch with us directly. Our team has more up-to-date information on any payments-related issues than your customer’s team.