Who are we?

JointWords is a localization agency that aims to help its clients to find the local “joint words” for their message. Your message may be medical advice which will help a patient to heal, a software button to execute an important process, a marketing brochure to find your valued customers, a user manual to help your customers to use your product efficiently, a patent application for your magnificent breakthrough, a legal court document to protect your rights, or a financial statement to find more investors for your business... No matter what your message is, our experienced localization experts located in Egypt and Turkey will make sure that it will sound as how you meant.

What are our services?

  • Translation
  • Revision & Quality Assurance
  • MT Post-Editing
  • Transcreation
  • Transcription
  • Patent Translation
  • Content Writing
  • Software Localization
  • Software Testing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Localization Consultancy

Which languages do we offer?

We only provide Arabic & Turkish, the languages which we confidently perform our in-house linguistic quality control steps. Our services are always TEP (Translation + Editing + Proofreading) and we never deliver any “JointWords” out of our control.

By the number of native speakers, Arabic is in the World’s Top 5 languages with 250 million speakers, and Turkish is in the World’s Top 17 languages with 80 million speakers.

Modern Standard Arabic (also known as MSA), is the standardized variety of Arabic used in writing throughout the Arab World to facilitate communication. We stick to Modern Standard Arabic so that your message will be understood by the whole Arabic community.


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