Smartcat Partner Day New Orleans


If you are in or near New Orleans on October 24, come join us at Smartcat Partner Day for fun talks with peers and fellow Smartcat users and, as usual, an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere — just as you’d expect from The Big Easy!

The venue is House of Blues Restaurant & Bar "Big Mama's Lounge"— just across the street from where the ATA59 conference will be taking place starting the following day. So that’s also a great chance to celebrate the conference’s opening over a glass of your favorite beverage.

You can be sure to meet many CxOs from both Smartcat and our partners around the world — guests and a more specific agenda will be announced soon.

Note: You do NOT need to be an ATA NOLA attendee to join us — we welcome anyone who wishes to discuss — and create — the future of the translation industry.

The night will begin at 7 PM local time. Drinks are on us!


225 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA, House of Blues Restaurant & Bar, Big Mama’s Lounge