Smartcat Partner Day Budapest (REGISTRATION IS CLOSED)


Our globetrotting series of events called Partner Days is coming to Budapest soon, and this episode promises to be a very special one. If you’re in town for the MCE conference, this could be a great chance for you to squeeze even more out of your stay in Budapest, both business-wise and fun-wise.

On Monday, October 29, 8.30 PM, embark on a boat trip along the river Danube with us to take in the most fascinating sights of the historical city of Budapest and rub shoulders with CxOs, peers, experts and Smartcat partners in a friendly, fun setting over your favorite beverage.

Be sure to register to save your spot. Note that you do NOT need to be a MCE attendee to join us. We welcome anyone who wishes to discuss — and create — the future of our industry.

The list of attendees is updated regularly, but you can be sure to meet our own experts Tolga Secilmis, Chief Partnership Officer, and Alex Muntyan, Head of Customer Success at the meeting. Accompanying them will be language technology enthusiast Gábor Bessenyei, the CEO at MorphoLogic Localisation & Globalese.



Tolga Secilmis, Chief Partnership Officer at Smartcat

Istanbul-based translation expert, public speaker and lecturer with 10-year experience, Tolga Secilmis is currently in charge of our partner relations. With 40+ companies from 23 countries having joined Smartcat as partners since April, it’s safe to say our partner network grows at a swift and steady pace thanks to Tolga’s efforts. Feel free to get in touch with Tolga for details at the event, if you’re interested in becoming a Smartcat partner.



Alex Muntyan, Head of Customer Success at Smartcat

Passionate about technology and people, Alex is the Jedi of business processes automation. He has been in this field for more than seven years assisting a variety of organizations — from banks to media and scientific institutions — to deploy the technology and break new ground. At Smartcat, Alex’s mission is to move customers to the light side of the force, help them hit their goals using the platform in the most impactful way, and grow their business. As a Smartcat partner, you can expect nothing less than a 100% effort from Alex in ensuring our joint work brings tangible results to the table.



Gábor Bessenyei, CEO at Globalese

With friends and partners like Gábor Bessenyei it’s easy to envision a future where technologies empower human specialists in a meaningful way. As machine translation becomes an integral part of many translation workflows, Gábor takes one step further with Globalese to make it available not only as a stand-alone tool, but also as an MT option within Smartcat’s CAT editor thanks to our system’s open API. Consider joining our partner network as a Technological Partner if you feel like your product should be integrated with any of Smartcat’s components.