Partnering with Smartcat


October 18

Partnering with Smartcat

Tolga Secilmis

Chief Partnership Officer


Smartcat’s free partnership program only started in April, but has already attracted 40 partners since, with on average two LSPs joining our program every week. Among our partners are ETA (Singapore), Textree (Korea), CNG+ (Vietnam), bioScene Informatics Inc. and Keystone Agency from Japan.

In this webinar, you will learn why you should, too.

Webinar plan:

  • Short introduction to Smartcat
  • Different from similar partnership programs
  • Core benefits of Smartcat partnership:
    • Additional revenue to your company
    • Marketing collaboration with Smartcat
    • More customers
  • Questions & answers

The future belongs to tech-savvy LSPs, and partnering with Smartcat takes you there directly. Don’t miss your flight!