DTP and layout design of electronic documentation

Smartcat supports dozens of file formats, making it easy for you to translate any content, including images and PDF documents. Still, sometimes the OCR technology provides faulty results, causing incorrect segmentation, misplaced tags, or loss of formatting. This can lead to errors and wasted time.

We’ve teamed up with PDFtoDOCX to offer you quality and time-efficient DTP & layout design services.

DTP specialists will prepare any document for translation for you by:

  • manually pasting original text and graphics into a new DOCX file;
  • adding editable captions on top of the images;
  • generating a document structure by creating running heads, footers, lists, etc.

The resulting document will be completely translation-ready and, of course, Smartcat-ready.

Try out the PDFtoDOCX service for a reduced price: 150 pages = 50 USD. Price after the trial starts from 0.5 USD per page. To purchase PDFtoDOCX services or learn more about the offer, contact us at success@smartcat.ai.

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