Post-edit 101

Machine translation has deeply impacted the localization industry and created a new market demand for freelancers.

With post-editing becoming a standard service offering, it’s increasingly important to keep ahead of the curve in terms of qualifications. Earning certification and staying informed on the matter will lead to more clients and, in turn, more revenue.

We invited two experts, Bekir Diri of Localex and our very own Pavel Doronin, to explain the basics of PEMT and how Smartcat helps organize a multi-freelancer PEMT project.

Bekir boasts seven years of experience working in the industry and keeps his mind sharp through teaching courses at Istanbul 29 Mayıs University. Pavel has a strong track record managing translation and localization projects and is also a co-organizer of the Tallinn Localization Unconference and a guest lecturer at many educational institutions.


  • Introduction to post-editing
  • Types of post-editing
  • Core benefits of Smartcat in post-editing
  • Post-editing case study
  • Questions & answers

Let’s PEMT together :)