Project manager in Smartcat

In Smartcat, every project has at least one project manager. This user has access to project administration and can assign linguists, set deadlines and manage project resources. You can see who has been assigned as the project manager on the Team tab of the project page:


In the main workspace, it is possible to filter the projects listed by who is managing the project - see Filtering projects by managers below to find out more.

Note: Project participants can chat in Smartcat with the project manager by clicking on Send message.

How to become a manager

In Smartcat, it’s simple. The person who created the project automatically becomes a project manager and is included in the project manager list. Anyone who assigns linguists to the project is automatically added to the project manager list. This list can be edited at any time to add or remove project managers as needed. The managers in the list will get an assignment notification.

Project event notifications

Project managers get other notifications about project events. Every change to the project status will generate an email notification. Notifications can be setup by selecting Notifications in the Settings option of the main menu. To eliminate irrelevant notifications, you can filter them by selecting the Projects managed by me option. 


Filtering projects by managers

This is another feature available in the Smartcat workspace. By selecting their name in the filter, managers can display only the projects that they are currently managing. A team manager can use this option to find projects that are unassigned and assign a manager if necessary. The team leader can also monitor projects assigned to a specific manager.

Want more info about the Smartcat project management system? Find out more here.

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