Project manager in Smartcat

In Smartcat, every project has a project manager. This user has access to project administration and can assign linguists, set deadlines and manage project resources. You can see who the project managers are on the project page:

and on the Team tab on the project page:

Every member of the team can see who’s responsible for a specific project using a special field in the project filter (check out the Filtering projects by managers section to find out more).

How to become a manager

In Smartcat, it’s simple. The person who created the project automatically becomes a project manager and is included in the project manager list. Anyone who assigns linguists to the project is automatically considered a manager. This list can be edited at any time, with managers included or excluded, to the convenience of the team or account manager. Managers can also add or remove themselves or other managers manually if necessary. The managers in the list will get an assignment notification.

Project event notifications

Project managers get other notifications about project development. Every event or iteration at the beginning, middle, or the end of the development of the project will generate an email notification. You can set these notifications in the system by selecting the Projects managed by me option. This means you will join the specific project manager list to be notified of what’s happening with the project.

Filtering projects by managers

This is another feature available in the Smartcat workspace. By checking their name in the filter, managers can hide any projects they don’t need or do not want to get distracted by while focusing on certain projects The team manager can filter projects to find any that are unassigned and assign a manager to one if necessary. The team leader can also see how a specific manager’s project is going.

All linguists assigned to projects can see the list of managers for any given project and contact them if they wish to.

Want more info about the Smartcat project management system? Find out more here.