Payment procedure

You can view the list of tasks awaiting payment, download payment documents or pay for translators’ work directly on the Payments tab. You can access the Payments tab from the workspace menu on the left.

With Smartcat, you can even pay freelancers working outside the platform.


The list of jobs completed and awaiting payment, and your payment information are displayed in Jobs.

You have to create invoices to pay freelancers for their work on a project (or projects).

An invoice can cover one or several freelancer tasks, which you can pay for using any of the available payment methods. A freelancer’s task can include work on a part of a document, a complete document, or a number of documents in your project.

To create a bill, tick the appropriate task check-boxes and click the Create Invoice and Pay button.

If this is your first payment through Smartcat, you will have to enter your payment information when you create your first invoice: legal address and INN.

Note: you can include freelancer tasks in the invoice and pay after the work has been accepted (see Work completion and acceptance).

If you have created an invoice and not paid it yet, the tasks in such invoices will be listed as Awaiting Payment. The description of these tasks will have the invoice number.

Invoices and payments

The invoices you create are listed under the Invoices tab. Both paid bills and those awaiting payment are displayed.

  • Press the Pay by Card button to quickly pay a bill via a bank card or PayPal.

  • For wire transfers, click Pay via Invoice, download the bill as a PDF file and settle it.

  • To pay by balance, inform your manager or e-mail about your wish. You should also contact your manager, if you want to put money on the balance or withdraw them.

After payment, all reporting documents will be available for download in PDF format.

Note: If this is your first invoice-based payment, please contact us via so we can prepare the documents you need. After that, you can download the invoice.

How do freelancers accept payments?

After the first invoice has been created and paid, the payees will receive an email notification about the payment with an invitation to register in Smartcat.

After registering in the system, recipients will have to choose a convenient way to receive payments in their account. For more info, see Payment methods.

The freelancer receives the payment within 5 working days.

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