Atlas Dil Hizmetleri


Founded in 2004 at the strategic landscape that binds Europe and Asia, Atlas is the multi-language service provider that has exceptional skills at keeping the pulse on global and local technology and language market.

Our hallmark is our ability to combine the right global solution partner and the right technology with our unique globalization & localization know-how to help you reach your destination.

Services we offer include Localization, Editing, Proofreading, Quality Assurance (Review, Back-Translation), Product Testing, DTP, Certified Translation, Interpreting (Simultaneous, Consecutive etc.), Data Management (Termbase, TM), and Terminology Management.

We localize a wide range of content in synch with the target audience, country standards, local culture and the industrial jargon, including Automotive, Technical/Engineering, IT, Users Manuals, Legal and Finance, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Sales and Marketing domains.


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