Workspace overview

When a user first logs into Smartcat, the first page that will be displayed is the workspace. This is where users can get an overview of projects that are in progress, create new projects and access existing projects data. 


At a glance, project managers are able to see the status of their entire project, down to individual tasks and individual documents in every language. There are no more last minute surprises! Clicking on the project name displays the documents associated with each project as well as languages. 


The workspace also displays basic information on each project — name, status, creator, languages, client, deadline and if the project has been assigned to an LSP vendor with cost information. Project managers can also perform many of their tasks directly from the workspace using the button bar under the project name:

  1. Upload and download documents
  2. Assign tasks
  3. Get information on statistics, cost and team members
  4. Delete the project
  5. Change project settings

Hovering over the project name displays the Go to project button that opens the project page where many project settings can be modified. 


The users can select what projects to display in the workspace using filters:


This is practical in accounts shared by many project managers. Users can choose multiple criteria to display projects — project creators, project managers, clients and so on. This makes it easy for project managers to focus only on projects they manage or projects that might require some attention.

Note: The Archived tab of the workspace is used to store projects that have been inactive for 3 months or more. It will then not be possible to work on these projects but you can still download source and target files at any time. If you have a subscription, projects are never archived.

This concludes section 1 of the onboarding process. In section 2, we will complete the account setup by adding linguistic assets.



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