Payment terms and custom net rates

On the Payment Settings tab, you can specify your payment terms to indicate to the freelancers when they can expect to receive payments. And you can specify how disputes are resolved as well.

The payment time field is customizable by using the Edit option (circled in red above) that appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the area.

On this page, you can also specify the discount mechanism that you want to use to pay your translators for different types of matches. You can customize a discount scheme for every task type. This will be used by Smartcat to calculate the project cost and the translator invoices.

In the example above, translators are not paid for 100% and 101-102% matches, as well as repetitions. And editors are paid 100% of their rates for all the matches.

Important: Please review the Net Rates set in your account to make sure that they match your pricing policy. The default setting in Smartcat might be very different from what you are currently using.

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