Koalingo utilizes cutting-edge AI-powered machine translation technology for a variety of clinical-grade applications. Our goal is to eliminate communication barriers in medicine by delivering efficient, cost-effective solutions that solve language data challenges through the power of machine learning.


Koalingo’s mission is to democratize access to machine translation (MT) technology through client-centered services.

Core services

  • Fully customized machine learning models, corpora, and continuous SME consultations.
  • Technical training and assessments that support the development, implementation, and management of machine learning ecosystems addressing language-related challenges.
  • On-site and mobile support that augments organizational agility and service quality.

Koalingo in action

Our vision of leveling the playing field across the medical industry through customized training and affordable technical solutions includes but is not limited to:

  • Assisting medical organizations to leverage massive data that is often underutilized due to a lack of infrastructure, insufficient coordination between care partners, and lax data processing standards.
  • Supporting companies to improve interoperability by minimizing arbitrariness and optimizing data management standards and workflow, enabling fluid communication between healthcare IT systems and practitioners.
  • Creating a transparent and flexible process management guide so teams can progressively develop and access accurate machine learning models that augment data management systems.

For more information and access to case studies, please schedule a demo via our calendar.


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