Profile setup

Setting up your Profile is a fairly straightforward task which makes a big difference to your company’s presence on Smartcat. To set up your Profile, click into the “Settings“ tab and then click “Corporate Profile”:


Here we can update each section of your profile by hovering over the section we wish to edit and then clicking the pencil which appears in the top right corner:


The most important aspects of your profile to set up are your Logo, Services offered and your Contact Info.

In the first section, you can add a logo, change your company’s display name, add a description of your company (limited to 500 characters) and change the banner color to match the colors of your logo.


The next section you can edit is your “About“ section. Here you can add your Country, City, Business Hours, and the year your company was founded. Some of the information displayed in this section will be added automatically — how long this account has been active on Smartcat for, as well as a record of when you last logged into the system. In addition, once you have added information about the services that you provide, some extra details will also appear here.


In the Reviews and Success Stories section, you are also able to add a portfolio to highlight successful projects that you have completed for major clients. However, this not crucial at this stage of your account setup and we will revisit this topic later.

The section about services you offer is also important but will also be explained in a different article.  

The next section that you should fill out at this stage is your contact information.

The main pieces of information that you should add here are your website, your phone number and an email address:


Once your profile has been created, we can continue with getting your account setup. The next step is to add information about your clients that will be used to organize your data.