Updating a Project

Sometimes, once a project has already started, customers might come back with either additional files or updated files. Smartcat has built-in features to help you in both cases. To add files or update files in the project, go to either the main workspace of the project page and click on the down arrow next to the Upload button above the documents:


The drop-down list will offer three options:


In this case, we want to select Upload documents. This will take you to the file section page like the one at the beginning of the project creation process:


Note: Even if you selected the wrong option in the drop-down menu, you can still navigate to the correct tab on this page.

Simply select the documents to be added to the project. If this is a new document, you will simply need to confirm the project information (languages) and also select options that will vary depending on the file format (see the article about File formats). 


Simply click on Finish and the document will be added to the project and processed using the linguistic assets that you have selected.

If you have selected a document that is already part of the project (same name), you will be given two options before the file is processed:


Update — The existing document will be replaced by the new one. All the translation work done up to date on this file will automatically be transferred to the new file, so no work is lost. But task assignments will be canceled so you will need to re-assign the tasks to linguists.

Upload — The document will be added to the project and a number will be added to the file name to differentiate it from the other file with the same name. The document will be processed using your pre-selected language assets.

Once files have been added to the project, you will need to update the project statistics.


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