Using the portal

When your clients reach the portal, they are presented with either a custom look (see example below) if you have a subscription or otherwise a generic Smartcat portal page.


At that page, the client can either login if they have an existing account or create an account if they have never used the portal before. The Create account dialog asks for some contact information that will be stored in the your account.


Once an account has been created, the client can simply sign in.


The client can then add text or files to be translated:


And choose languages for these files on the same page:


And services related to these languages:


Note: The languages, services and prices are all reflected from the services that have been added to the corporate profile of the account. If you want your customers to see all the services that you provide, it is important to thoroughly fill out the service section of your profile. The same prices will also apply to all the clients at this time. 

Once files, languages and services have been selected, the client is given an option to set a unique project name, select a TM from the ones associated with the client account and save the information by clicking on Add Details. Clicking on Skip this Part will accept the default settings.


The project will be added to the list of projects on the Orders tab. Your project managers will receive a notification that a new project was created from the portal. Using the services information and the project statistics, Smartcat will an estimate that will be displayed on the portal:


The Project Manager in Smartcat can then see the project and the estimate in the workspace as well as the approval status.


The project manager can accept the estimate provided by Smartcat or edit it to add other tasks that could be performed outside the system like DTP for example. If the PM chooses to edit the field a new dialog box will be displayed where the PM can change the cost, the currency and also upload a document to support the quote:


The client can download the support file from the portal before proceeding with approval:


If the Cost approval required option is checked, the client will need to approve the project before it can be started:



Upon approval, the status changes to In progress and tasks can be assigned in Smartcat. And the client can track progress while the translation is ongoing.


Once the project is completed, the client can download the files:


And the project is displayed in the Payment tab of the portal:


Once payment is received, the status is changed to Paid.