Importing existing glossaries

Once you have created glossaries for your customers, the next step will be to add any data that you might have already collected as part of your process using other tools or manually in documents such as Excel files.

Smartcat supports two formats to import data — MultiTerm XML and Excel. MultiTerm XML files are created by exporting data from SDL Studio. The import process, in this case, is quite simple — regardless of the structure of the original SDL Studio glossary, only terms will be imported. Other attributes will be ignored during the import process. 

  1. If you plan to import Excel files, you can import other attributes, however, the Excel spreadsheet needs to be organized so that Smartcat knows how to match fields with the information being imported. The recommended process to prepare for import is:
    Setup the glossary with all the fields that will be needed by your terminology team.
  2. Add some sample data in the glossary
  3. Export the data. Smartcat will generate an Excel spreadsheet organized with the columns that match the fields present in the glossary.

You can export data from a Smartcat glossary by opening a glossary by clicking on its name in the list and selecting the Download button:


This feature can also be used to download your data once you have added terms to a glossary. This allows you to exchange data with other tools if needed.

Once you have downloaded the sample spreadsheet, you can simply copy and paste data from your existing documents in the appropriate columns of the file. 

Once the Excel file is ready, it can then be uploaded to Smartcat using the Upload button from the glossary toolbar:


You will be presented the following dialogue box:


Simply click on Add to select the file to be imported — Excel or XML. You have two options at that stage — Add terms or replace all terms. Replace all terms will simply overwrite the data that you currently have in your glossary. Add terms will only add terms from your file to the existing glossary.

Click on Import to start the process. Smartcat will display a message when the import is completed and let you know if any errors occurred.

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